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Committee -- R/C Jet
Committee Chair
Kelly F. Williams
7507 Auburn Place
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 6W9

Tel: 604-592-0994
Fax: n/a
E-Mail: Envoyez un courriel au chef de Comité
I've flown R/C airplanes since 1989, only taking a year or 2 off while attending university in the 90's. I'm a registered Professional Engineer in BC.

From Day-1 in this hobby I was fascinated with ducted fans. In 1999, I met a co-worker that had successfully scratch built a KJ-66 turbine, and I decide to give it a try myself. That lead to sponsorships with 2 international turbine manufacturers, where I aided them in achieving AMA certification to sell into the American market. (this certification is no longer required today...)

Today, I have 5 jets (in varying state of construction or repair), and I primarily fly JetCat turbines. I also work with private corporations and educational institutions on large UAVs, both turbine and piston powered.

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