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January 1, 2015 - 1 day(s) -- PATRICIA REGION AEROMODELERS INC.
-- Dryden New Years Fun Fly
Jerome Bobay is once again hosting the New Years Day fun fly at his well groomed winter runways at his house in Dryden at the end of Beaver St a few hundred meters east of Dryden's Tim Horten's Be sure to dress warm for the flying, or dress casual for the visiting...there is often more visiting than flying but the die-hards are always trying to get that "first flight if the year" honour. so Re-new your MAAC membership and stop by Jan 1/2015 for some flying, hot coffee and some great chilli...and all sorts of baked treats!
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January 31, 2015 - 1 day(s) -- PATRICIA REGION AEROMODELERS INC.
-- Dryden Indoor Fun Fly 2015
The Patricia Region Aeromodelers have booked the Dryden High School main gym for Jan 31st from Noon to 6:00pm to host our first ever Indoor Fun Fly, bring your favorite indoor plane, your slippers and your MAAC card and prepare to have fun! There are plenty of chairs and tables available so just bring your indoor flying gear, and have fun!
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July 18, 2015 - 1 day(s) -- RAINY RIVER INTERNATIONALS
RAINY RIVER INTERNATIONAL 2015 2015 FUN FLY // FISH FRY The members of the Rainy River Internationals would like to thank all those who took in our 2014 fun fly and to marK your calendar for the 2015 fun fly season. Our fun fly will be as usual on the third weekend of July. The event is a one day event but you are welcome to come early and stay as long as you like. There is dry camping on the field weather permitting. The fun fly will be on July 18. The landing fee will be $20.00 that includes the walleye supper for the pilots. There will be a $10.00 fee for a pilot's spouse or family member. We will have the BBQ going at noon with hamburgers and smokies at a nominal fee. Our website is There is now a gas station in R.R. and the motel is under new management and is in good shape. Be sure to have proper documentation if you plan to cross the border. If you have any questions please fee free to contact me at 807-852-3251 or
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