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The MAAC FAQ answers all of the most common asked questions.
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Q:  What is aero-modeling?
Q:  What or who is MAAC?
Q:  What are the different types of aircraft that pilots build/fly?
Q:  Who are aero-modelers?
Q:  Is there an age restriction
Q:  How do I find a nearby club?
Q:  How expensive is it?
Q:  Do I need insurance?
Q:  What type of aircraft should I purchase if I want to fly R/C aircraft?
Q:  How do I learn to fly RC aircraft?
Q:  Are flight simulators useful?
Q:  What happens when an aircraft crashes?
Q:  How far away can you fly a remote control aircraft?
Q:  How fast do models aircraft fly?
Q:  How high can you fly an aircraft?
Q:  How big or small are the aircraft?
Q:  Where can I get parts or purchase an aircraft kit?
Q:  How do you launch RC gliders?
Q:  What type of weather can you fly in?
Q:  What is a fun fly?
Q:  Is there a competitive side to the hobby?