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The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada has merchandise available depicting MAAC or model aircraft related themes. The merchandise may be ordered from headquarters at the cost indicated.

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How to Place an Order
MAAC Wings Decals
The MAAC Wings decals are as shown at right. They are available in three sizes with dimensions as follows:
  • Small — 92mm x 35mm
  • Medium — 160mm x 63mm
  • Large — 210mm x 82mm
Wings Decal — small
Wings Decal — medium
Wings Decal — large
Set of all three (1 each)

Large Window Decal
.......... $0.40
.......... $0.45
.......... $0.75
.......... $1.50

.......... $1.00
MAAC Tri-color Round Decal
The Tri-color Round MAAC Decal is as shown at right. Its dimensions are 92mm wide x 82mm high.
Tri-Color Round MAAC Decal .......... $0.50
MAAC Brass Lapel Pin
The MAAC Lapel Pin is as shown at right. Brass, 22mm wide.
Brass Lapel Pin
.......... $3.00
MAAC Pilot Wings
The MAAC Pilot Wings is as shown at right. Molded in metal. Silver in color.
MAAC Pilot Wings
.......... $10.00
This item is available only to Club Executives for their wings program
MAAC Instructor Wings
The MAAC Instructor Wings is as shown at right. Molded in metal. Gold in color.
MAAC Instructor Wings
.......... $10.00
This item is available only to Club Executives for their wings program
MAAC Tri-Color Pin
The MAAC Tri-Color Pin is as shown at right. Plastic, 27mm wide.
Tri-color Lapel Pin
.......... $2.00
MAAC Hat Pins
The MAAC Hat Pin is as shown at right. Plastic, 27mm wide. These are available with the following engraving:
  • Pattern Pilot
  • Speed Pilot
  • Combat Pilot
  • R/C Widow
  • Engine Collector
  • Soaring Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Stunt Pilot
  • Free Flight Pilot
  • Scale Pilot

Please specify choice.
  • Pylon Racer
  • Rat Racer
  • Old Timer Pilot
  • Quarter Scaler
  • Chopper Pilot
  • Rat Racer
  • I Fly R/C
  • Model Wife
  • Chief Mechanic
Hat Pin
.......... $5.25
MAAC Name Badge
The MAAC Name Badge is as shown at right. Plastic, 76mm wide x 40mm High. Please indicate your name as you would like it to appear and your location, club, etc for engraving. (May take up to 12 weeks for processing)
Name Badge
.......... $6.50
MAAC Crest
The MAAC Crest is as shown at right. Embroidered, 111mm wide x 63mm High.
MAAC Crest
.......... $1.50
Although some of the MAAC rule books are available directly on this site, you may wish to purchase hard-copies from the office. These are available as shown at right.

You may also purchase the Rule Books on diskette. These will be in Word format and be text only — no graphics or pictures. Just specify which ones you need. One, a couple, or all rule books are the same price.

  • Control Line
  • Electric
  • Free Flight
  • Indoor
  • Jets
  • R/C Car
  • R/C Giant Aircraft
  • R/C Helicopter
  • R/C Prec Aerobatics
  • R/C Pylon
  • R/C Scale
  • R/C Scale Aerobatics
  • R/C Scale Sailplane
  • R/C Soaring
  • Rockets

Rule Books (each)
All 15 Rule Books (save 10%)
.......... $5.00
.......... $54.00
Cub Kit
The MAAC Cub is a small stick-and-tissue, rubber powered, free flight model that is ideal for introducing young people into aeromodeling. The tissue is pre-printed with the MAAC logo and when constructed, these planes fly great!
MAAC Cub (min order 5) .......... $3.50
MAAC medallions are suitable for presenting as competition awards. They are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Please specify the quantity of each that are required.
MAAC Medallions .......... $4.00
MAAC Ring 10K Gold
Please specify size when ordering.
MAAC Ring .......... please call the office for current pricing on the ring
Flag is 27" x 53"
MAAC Flag .......... $38.00
MAAC Wind Sock (6" x 62")
MAAC Wind Sock .......... $21.00
MAAC Bumper Sticker / Autocollant du MAAC

  .......... $2.00
Frequency Board / Tableau de Fréquences
Black and White with adhesive back (14" x 36")
Frequency Board .......... $6.00
Warning Sign /pancarte d'avertissement (11" x 27")
Warning Sign .......... $5.50
How to Order
When ordering please use the MAAC General Order Form, available here in PDF or as supplied in Model Aviation Canada magazine. Fill in all required information including quantities required, sizes, and special choices. Mail the form to MAAC headquarters at the address below. If paying by credit card, the form may be completed and faxed to (905) 632-3304. Cheques should be made payable to MAAC. Although turnaround may be faster, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Additional Charges:

  • Shipping: Actual cost.
  • GST: 5% on subtotal and postage for provinces other than NS, NB, NF, BC and ON
  • HST: 12% on subtotal and postage for BC
  • HST: 13% on subtotal and postage for NB, NF and ON
  • HST: 15% on subtotal and postage for NS

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