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MAAC Executive

Claude R. Melbourne
3104 County road 29
Brockville, ON   K6V 5T4
Tel: (613) 802-5000
Fax: (613) 342-1029
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I got into the hobby when I received my first plane for Christmas in 1973. It was a Cox control line. I have built several control line planes since.

I ventured into many areas of this diversified hobby, including some light combat, aerobatics and played with rockets for many years. In 1996, I became interested in radio control. I have also flown gliders, rubber powered free flight, glow powered free flight, electric planes and helis, floats, skies, wheels, 1/4 scale gas, 1/3 scale gas, aerial video, AIR HOGS etc. My favourite is large gas powered planes.

It was my passion to fly that motivated me to join the Brockville Model Aeronautics Club in 1998. In October 2005, I became the Deputy Zone Director of the Ottawa Valley Zone.

I am self employed, managing an office equipment sales and service business. I am very happily married to a wonderful and understanding girl (Tina). Who is very understanding when my friends call to ask if "Claude can come out to play".

As the new President I am looking forward to meeting more hobby enthusiasts. I am ready and willing to give assistance whenever needed.

Kevin W. McGrath
40 Parkshore Ct
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
P6A 5Z3

Tel: (705) 759-1670
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I am a life long modeler and remember building stick and tissue models as a child.I went through free flight and then U control,and have been active in R/C and a member of MAAC since the late 1960s. I spent many years in the pattern wars,but today my preoccupation is giant scale models both full competition scale and scale aerobatic,and I do some float flying and have been flying a three Metre glider lately. I am originally from Montreal,have lived in several provinces,and travelled extensively in Canada and the U.S. during my career in corporate sales with one of the major steel producers,from which I am now retired. I have been married to Pat(Ne Murielle lise Claudette Proulx) for more than forty years and have her total support in the pursuit of this great hobby/sport,especially since I became a zone director six years ago. I have served on the executive of MAAC for three years and am currently the Vice President of the Corporation and the zone director for Northern Ontario. We live in Sault Ste Marie and I am a proud member of the Soo Modellers Club home of the famous U.G.L.Y meet each spring.

Executive Committee Member at Large
William (Bill) Rollins
Box 1376
Parksville, British Columbia
V9P 2H3

Tel: (250) 248-5545
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My love for airplanes and just about anything else that can fly goes back as far as I can remember. As a young lad I was completely absorbed in plastic model airplane, and jet kits, while my friends were into the plastic model car ones. I did glue together the odd car kit, but found them to be very boring, eventually they all ended up as airplane - car hybrids. Funny thing is most of my plastic airplane and jet models met the same fate. But always ending up being some sort of flying machine dreamt up out of my imagination. The first time I ever saw a model airplane fly was in 1966 at Redford Elementary School in Port Alberni. There were three or four guys flying control line and radio controlled models there most weekends, as was I watching and dreaming. I took on a paper route and collected bottles, eventually building and crashing a few .049 tissue-dope control line models and also a plastic Cox one that I got for Christmas. It came just about complete in the box, and I'm pretty darn sure from Parkers Hobby Store on Argyle Street, LOL. Somehow I slipped away from the model airplanes as most of us do, until my wife Dorothy and I had our two boys Mark and Sean. Both of whom learned to fly model airplanes and take in many of the Abbotsford, Victoria and CFB Comox full scale Airshows right from the time they were babies until they no longer would go. Over the past 30 years or so I have been very active as a member of the PDQFlyers Association, most of which as an Executive member in one position or another. I'm very pleased to have been able to instruct many students while they have learned how to fly. I have also had the pleasure of being the Contest Director at Air-Shows, Fun-Flys, Fly-Ins, Float-Flys, Indoor Flying and model building instruction sessions for students. I'm also a member of the Nanaimo Modelaers and have recently been given an Honorary Membership to the FVRCF Association, for which I'm extremely grateful. As a Zone Director I will do my very best to ensure that the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada continues to serve it's Membership as it has historically done in an affordable, safe and fun way.

Executive Committee Member at Large
Rodger A. Williams
8447 ave Lesperance
Quebec, Quebec
G2K 2M4

Tel: (418) 650-3150
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Executive Committee Member at Large
Don G. McGowan
# 30 Cavanagh Cresc.
Stony Plain, Alberta
T7Z 1G3

Tel: (780) 963-4586
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I started my involvement with model aircraft in approx. 1958 flying control line in the street in front of my home in rural Saskatchewan.
After a few years of that, along came other interests and modeling was "shelved". An attempt at basic R/C in about 1972 produced a wreck in about 15 seconds. The bug bit again in 1994 when I learned to fly R/C with the Capital City Flyers of Edmonton. I continued on with my current home club, the Meridian Model Flyers at Stony Plain,AB.
I became interested in the administrative side of MAAC and became the deputy zone director under the tutelage of Walt Chikmoroff from 2009 to 2011, when I was elected to the Zone Director position where I continue to serve today.
In September of 2013, I was elected by the MAAC board of directors to act as a member-at-large of the MAAC executive committee. I look forward to working with the board and executive in working toward the resolution to a number of challenges now facing MAAC, not the least of which is the retention of our membership.
I look forward to working with the members of Zone "A" toward producing an environment where we can all safely enjoy this great hobby of ours.