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Zone News - Southeast Ontario

Date : June 16, 2010
Created by : Clair Murray -- 54946
Subject : G20 Summit Southeast Zone

News : The Government of Canada will host the G20 Summit in Toronto, Ontario. The operation of radio control aircraft will be prohibited from 26 June to 28 June, 2010. The restricted airspace will be bounded by a circle of 15-NM radius centered on N43°39’45.00” W079°30’44.00” (YYZ/VORTAC 097° radial at 5.2 NM). Additional information on the activation period, airspace restrictions and amendments, including any last-minute changes, will be promulgated by NOTAM approximately one (1) week before the event.

The following link provides detailed information.


Clair Murray
MAAC South East Zone Director