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Zone News - St. Lawrence

Date : March 24, 2011
Created by : STEVE WOLOZ -- 7877
Subject : Minutes of the St Lawrence Zone AZM October 16, 2010.

News :

Zone St-Laurent Annual Zone Meeting

Minutes of the St Lawrencezone annual meeting, held October 16, 2010 at the École des Métiers de l’Aérospatiale de Montréal located at 5300 Chauveau Street, Montréal, Québec. The meeting was convened at 1.30 pm, chaired by Steve Woloz.

The speaker began by thanking all in attendance, and the École des Métiers de l’aérospatial for the use of their facilities for our annual zone meeting. Prior to the beginning of the meeting Mr Woloz thanked Mr. Richard Barlow, president of MAAC for his presence at the St-Lawrence zone meeting. Mr Woloz also thanked all the volunteers for their help. Mr Woloz then took a few minutes to thank all of corporate sponsors for their contribution to the meeting. The official meeting then began at 1.30 pm. The agenda is presented below.


1. Call to order
2. Establishment Of Quorum
3. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (2009)
4. Old Business
5. New Business
6. New Business Elections
7. Nomination Of Committee Chairman And Committee Members
8. Nomination For Leader Members And Hall Of Fame Awards
9. Resolutions
10. Recommendations
11. Closing Remarks
12. Adjournment

Determination of Quorum

Based on information submitted by the MAAC office, the quorum required to make the meeting official was calculated at 53 members. The actual attendance of voters including proxies was 146 as shown below:
- Valid proxies: 70
- Invalids proxies: 0
- Present members: 80
- Total proxies including legitimates voters declared at = 150

Thus the meeting was legally correct to proceed.

Mr Woloz proposed that the meeting be accepted as legal and this was seconded by André Frenette

Please note that to assure accuracy of votes including proxies, the registration and voting process was scrutinized by a team of 2 persons including Ms. Diane Chevalier and Richard Barlow ( MAAC president )

Designation of Recording Secretary for the 2010 Meeting

The drafting of the minutes of this meeting was delegated to André Frenette, a bilingual zone J member.

Reading of Minutes from 2009 AZM

In view of the fact that minutes of the 2009 AZM were available for reading by all members, it was suggested by André Frenette and seconded by Paul Burrage that it would not be necessary to read them at the 2010 meeting.

Zone Director’s Annual Report

Mr. Woloz started off the meeting by thanking all members and friend in attendance, thanking all of the sponsors for the donated articles to be used as prizes for the raffle ticket sale.

Mr. Woloz reported that the number of registered club in the J zone is presently 35 club registered with 29 of them active. It was noted by Mr. Woloz that MAAC registered a 2% drop of members for 2010. A 1% drop of members was also noted for the St Lawrence J zone. The active members in the St Lawrence zone are now 1129 members. Mr. Woloz noted that the zone membership was in good health despite the slight membership decrease. Mr. Woloz noted that he is confident the membership will increase in the next year.

Mr. Woloz then proceeded to thank Mr. Paul Burrage deputy zone director for all his help during the last year. He also thanked all the assistant zone directors and all other persons that help him during the last year for all there invaluable help.

Mr. Woloz was happy to announce the creation of a new club named Blue Max Squadron. This club is the first in Canada to be exclusively for 2.4 GHz radios. Blue Max Squadron has it`s flying field located on Quinn Farms in Ile Perrot.

CPTAQ Report

Mr. Woloz was happy to report that the ongoing problems opposing clubs in the St Lawrence zone by the CPTAQ have mostly been resolved peacefully. Two clubs have received 3 years permissions to continue to fly at their present locations. The Napierreville and Lafayette clubs are the two clubs that have received these 3 years permissions. Unfortunately the situation at the Brossair Club is not yet resolved. The CPTAQ has decided to continue the legal battle. CPTAQ has asked the Tribunal D’Appel du Québec for a ruling on the ongoing battle with Brossair Club. Mr. Woloz noted the MAAC and the CPTAQ now have a good working relationship. Permission in now asked to the CPTAQ before a new club is established on farm land. Permissions demands for the new Blue Max Squadron club and the new location for the Antigravité club have been submitted to the CPTAQ.

The 2010 season of the St Lawrence zone was very active with over 20 events officially registered on the MAAC web site. Fun Fly, indoor flying, IMAC competitions, winter technical seminars and club BBQ were some of the activities hosted by numerous clubs in the St Lawrence zone. It was noted by Mr. Richard Barlow, president of MAAC, that the St Lawrence zone is one of the most active in Canada. MAAC president also stated that the annual zone J meeting was one of the most attended in Canada.
Wings Program

The 2010 season saw 26 new pilots from 6 different clubs receive their wings from MAAC. A listing of the pilots, instructors and their respective club are listed in annex I

Insurance Update

Mr Barlow, president of MAAC, presented a brief update concerning the insurance situation. Mr Barlow confirmed that one incident was submitted to MAAC for insurance claim. Despite this one incident, the overall insurance situation is pretty good for MAAC members. Mr Barlow, MAAC and the insurance company have come to terms to cover all MAAC members flying from land with the permission from the land owner. Insurance coverage is no longer restricted to flying at a registered club. It also applies as long as the pilot is a MAAC member and has permission to fly from the land owner. Despite only one claim, Mr Barlow reminded everyone present to fly safe and to talk to fellow club members who do not fly in a safe manner. Mr Barlow mentioned that it only takes on major incident to affect in a negative way our insurance coverage.

A copy of Mr. Barlow’s speech listed in annex II

Safety Report

Mr Burrage, deputy zone director gave a brief report on field layout and safety guidelines that must be followed by all clubs. Filed layout requirements are available on the MAAC website. Over the last season, Mr Burrage had a chance to visit most clubs in the St Lawrence zone for a safety inspection and is happy to report that the majority of clubs comply with the MAAC field safety guidelines. Mr Burrage will meet with the few clubs that do not meet the safety guidelines and subsequently work to rectify these situations. Mr Burrage finished by reminding all in attendance to fly safely and use proper plane restraints when starting engines and to keep an eye out for unsafe practices from other club members. All safety guidelines are available on the MAAC website.


Mr Woloz reminded all in attendance that it is in everyone’s interest to control the noise from our motors . It only takes one complaint from a neighbour to the local authority’s to put in jeopardy that flying field. It is recommended that each club have a member responsible for noise measurement of planes. Also each club should have a proper measuring device. Proper procedures for measuring noise levels are available on the MAAC website.

Park Flyers:

Mr Woloz noted that one of the reasons that MAAC membership is on the decline is the increasing popularity and accessibility of low cost electric powered aircrafts being sold in local hobby shops, retail stores and via internet. Mr Woloz stated that a way must be found to recruit these fliers to become MAAC members. As these planes are sold to people that may not be aware of the existence of MAAC or do not want to be part of a local club and member of MAAC, a special attention must be given to this segment of the hobby


The 2010 season saw 4 IMAC events held in the St Lawrence zone. All 4 events saw competitors in all 5 classes of the events. A complete list of events and participants is available on the MAAC web site in the zone J section.

Mr Woloz also proposed discussing the possibility of a new class of IMAC competition for smaller electric powered aircrafts. This new class of competition could be a great way of encouraging new and lesser experienced pilots to take part in IMAC events and could also be a way of encouraging park fliers to become MAAC members.


Zone Director:

Mr Woloz still has one year left to his term as zone director, thus no election was held for the post of Zone Director..

Deputy zone Director:

Mr. Paul Burrage was by elected by acclamation. No other persons submitted their candidacy 30 days prior to the AZM which is the required protocol . Therefore Mr. Paul Burrage was acclaimed the deputy zone director for the 2 year term of 2011-2012..


The following persons shown below were asked by the zone director to be assistants for the zone. All accepted the nomination. This includes:
- Jean Chevalier
- Diane Chevalier
- Bob Forest
- Éric Girard
- André Frenette
- Ken Starkey

Frequency Sharing:

This year saw the creation of the first 2.4 GHz exclusive flying site in Canada. This new club named Blue Max Squadron is located in Ile Perrot and located on Quinn Farms. This first 2.4 GHz club was sanctioned by MAAC officials.

Nomination for Leader Members

At the 2009 St lawrence zone meeting, 4 persons were nominated for Leader members and subsequently approved at the 2010 AGM . They are shown below: :

- Ken Starkey 5387L
- Steve Woloz 7877L
- Denis Peloquin 60799L
- Paul Burrage 27136l

This year, Mr Jean Chevalier nominated Mr Jean Blouin as a Leader Member. The motion was seconded by Mr Bob Forest


The following resolution was proposed by Mr Bob Forest:

‘’ Be it resolved that the annual dues for MAAC be set at $80.00 for open and senior members, $15.00 for junior members without magazine and $25.00 for junior members with magazine. Applicable taxes to be added. ‘’

The above resolution was submitted to the attending MAAC members present at the zone meeting for adoption of the resolution.

Result: 1 abstention
0 objections

The resolution was therefore adopted.

The following resolution was proposed by Mr Steve Woloz:

‘’ Be it resolved that a committee for FPV (First Person Video) be organized as a MAAC standing committee.


‘’ FPV flying is already becoming increasingly popular and we need to ensure that knowledge of, and obedience to, applicable rules from Transport Canada are widespread and followed. The new FPV Committee needs to work with the Safety Committee and the Radio Spectrum Committee to ensure use of appropriate radio frequencies and safety procedures.

Results: 0 abstentions
0 objections
The resolution was therefore adopted.

The following resolution was proposed by Mr Steve Woloz:

‘’ Be it resolved that By-Law 8(2) be changed:


8.(2) Annual membership received after September 15th shall be charged at the full membership rate, and the membership term shall extend from the remainder of the year through the following year.


8.(2) Annual membership received after September 1 shall be charged at the full membership rate, and the membership term shall extend from the remainder of the year through the following year.


The new MAAC membership offer for September 1 each year will simplify the membership application process and encourage membership in the fall flying season and at the beginning of the indoor flying season.

Results: 0 abstentions
0 objections

The resolution was therefore adopted.


Recommendation: Frequency Sharing Agreement:

As an addition to the MAAC Safety Guidelines stated in

3.1 All R/C Categories
When operating any Radio Control model aircraft MAAC members shall adhere to the following:

1. I will complete a successful radio equipment ground range check before the first flight of the day
2. I will not fly my model aircraft in the presence of spectators until I become a qualified flyer, unless assisted by an experienced R/C pilot
3. I will perform my initial turn after take-off away from the pit, spectator and parking areas.
4. I will not perform flight of any sort, including aerobatic manoeuvres, or landing approaches, over a pit, spectator or parking areas.
5. I will not fly on the pilot station side of the Flight-line (see figure 1).
6. I will not knowingly operate an R/C system within 4Km of a pre-existing R/C aircraft club flying site without a frequency sharing agreement with that club.


Any new club wishing to establish itself in a distance less than 4 Km from an existing club, must establish itself as an exclusive 2.4Ghz club with the following guidelines as suggested by Bob forest.

The new club must make a request to the Zone Director to establish itself as a 2.4 GHz exclusive club with the following guidelines for its members:

Any new member of the new club, that the person applying for membership:

1. Must show to the club executive, proof of ownership of a 2.4Ghz radio
2. Signe a pledge to use only 2.4Ghz while flying at this new club
3. This new club, in addition to posting the required MAAC safety warning signs, Will also post bold signs, both at the club entrance and also at the transmitter impound, stating ‘’ flying with 2.4Ghz only – no other frequency permitted’’

Recommendations: for Future IMAC competitions:

1: CD wishing to host contest must, at time of application, attest that test flights have been made by qualified pilots and that there are no hazards in the environment of desired field that may cause safety concerns for the pilots.

2: CD must assure that all pilots’ stations are equipped with sun blocking disk

3: CD, Prior to contest official start, on day of contest:
1. Should make test flight for all participants and demonstrate flight path including take off, landing; and recommended flight “ box “
2. Should permit and encourage all pilots so desiring to make brief test flight immediately following his demo prior to program official commencement

4: CD must assure that all novice (basic) and sportsman pilots should be coached and assisted by local experienced pilot re to assure safety and pilot confidence on first flights

5: IMAAC contest should not be held in future in any area with buildings (industrial; residential or commercial) near flight path

The following recommendation was made by Paul Burrage:

Mr. Burrage recommends that a ‘’caller’’ and a ‘’spotter’’ be necessary for basic and sportsman classes in IMAC competitions

Closing Comments

Mr. Woloz closing remarks reminded us all that we must take steps to:

- To fly safe
- To increase subscriptions and recruitments
- To promote partnerships with corporations and the communities
- To takes measures to be more visible to the general public
- To encourage volunteering at the club, zone and national levels


On a proposal by André Frenette, and seconded by Bob Forest it was resolved to adjourn the meeting at 3:35 PM.

Annex # 1 Les Ailles De Pilots / Wings Program Graduates


A couple of years ago, MAAC changed our Insurance Committee to a formal Insurance Advisory Group, membership in witch is by appointment, rather than by members volunteering at zone meetings. Members are now required to be insurance professionals, who work with one board member, Linda Patrick and the President.

This has been a very effective change. Our insurance is now in the hands of experts and thus is better managed, understood, and far more clearly defined. AON remains as our agent. The coverage is provided by Lloyds.

This year, we were able to revert to the type of coverage that we believed we had in the past – namely that MAAC member is covered as long as flying activities are in accordance with MAAC’s safety rules, and the permission of the site holder has been obtained. Until we got this stated in policy, we were restricted to club fields and formal sanctioned events. We now have what is loosely called ‘’farmer’s field coverage’’. This also makes insured float flying more accessible to members.

One of the reasons that we were able to improve coverage was because our accident record has improved. We have not submitted a claim to the company for payment for over two years. This does not mean we have been accident free’ but the two claims that we had this year were such that MAAC covered the amounts out of our own funds. One accident was in this zone; the other involved a MAAC member flying in the United States.

Currently, the deductible to the individual MAAC member is $250.00, the club covers another $250.00, and MAAC covers the remaining $4500.00 of the $5000.00 total. If the flyer is not a club member, then he is responsible for the $500.00.

Ideally there should be no accidents, but realistically, we cannot avoid all of them. Fly responsibly at all times. Do not publish stupid and dangerous flying on you-tube or other media. Insurance companies can see it, which could raise our risk perception.

If you do have an accident, the less said the better. Get the required information. Fill out the forms immediately, send them to MAAC and your ZD; do not make accusations or admit liability and do not discuss the incident with anyone, other than MAAC’s insurance professionals. Claims can easily be negatively affected when there has been improper discussion. Remember that at all times.

Fly safe and enjoy the hobby.
Richard Barlow, President